Dry Erase Away Poorly Placed Permanent Marker Marks

Dry Erase Board with writing.

Ever accidentally use a Permanent Marker on a Dry Erase board, or ever wanted to edit something you "Permanently" wrote, like a label on a container? There's an easy fix! Use a Dry Erase marker to rub it out! Then, just erase the Dry Erase with a cloth, or that eraser thing that came with the markers that you always loose. Get the fatter "chisel" type markers. Their broad footprint makes for quick erasing, like the fine point kind just can't (unless your aim is to do some delicate, detail erasing).

Permanent Marker blank drawing area
Permanent Marker

In fact this could be a new art form! Use a chisel tip permanent marker to draw a large, filled in area, then erase out a drawing with your Dry Erase marker!

RPermanent Marker with bunny erased out of it
Permanent Marker with Bunny

This works great with dry erase boards and anything with a smooth, nonporous surface, but not so well on things like paper, cardboard, unfinished wood, etc.

Now you'll never again have to replace that expensive whiteboard or be at the mercy of permanence — at least on surfaces that this works on. And, if you can't put your hands on a Dry Erase Marker, nail Polish Remover works just as well (best if it is pure Acetone sans "strengthener" or "moisturizer" — but if that's all you got, do a test, first). Not sure if the odorless kind works, though. But, Lacquer Thinner does work -- but, definitely test lacquer thinner before using it, especially on plastics — that stuff is a powerful solvent!

WARNING: if the surface is something other than a Dry Erase Board, probably good to first do a test on a small, unassuming area -- especially on plastics -- that way you won't end up with an even bigger, truly permanent mess!